How you can support us.

Plymouth Kiwanis raises money throughout the year for all the charity work we do. It is reassuring, knowing that 100% of every dollar we raise goes to various charities and support opportunities we work with.

Check out the Annual Plymouth Kiwanis Golf Outing – the first Thursday of August every year.

We could use help with

  • Sponsorship
  • Players
  • Supporters

Annual Pancake Breakfast at the Plymouth Fall Festival.

We could use help with

  • Sponsorship on our place mats we produce
  • Volunteers to work the event
  • Support us by buying tickets for the event for family, neighbors and friends!

Plymouth Kiwanis Nut Sale. This is a fundraiser we do every November and December in time for Thanksgiving house gifts and for holiday gifts that are always so well received!

AMAZON SMILES – select the Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation, our 501C-3 for your support. Sign in to and purchase through Amazon Smiles Community partnership. Every time you purchase anything on Amazon Smiles, a 0.5% donation comes back to the Foundation. It does not raise the price of the product or item, it is part of Amazon Community give back program.

KROGER COMMUNITY Program. Kroger gives back up to $2 Million dollars every year to nonprofit organizations like the Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation. All you must is register the Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation as your community organization that will receive funds from your grocery purchases. Again the cost of the goods are not increased – It is just funds that Kroger have set aside every quarter for community charity support.

To enroll just go online to and in the search bar , type in “Community Rewards” – Kroger will ask you to sign in to your Kroger account or setup an account. Once you do that you type in Community Rewards again in the search line and it will take you to the Community Rewards Page. in the search bar at the top of the page type in “Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation” and you will see the foundation details and a box at the bottom that says enroll. Push the button and it will enroll you in the program that supports the foundation. Now for every dollar you spend at Kroger on groceries and goods – a percentage will come back to the foundation. Its as simple as that.

Consider becoming a member – help us continue the work started by Jim Jabara, Gene Overholt, Dick Anderson and 22 other Plymouth Civic Leaders in 1967.

Join us at any of the volunteer events on our Club Calendar – just follow the link or reach out to the leader of that particular event for more details.