The Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation

Our club is part of The Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation.

The Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation was formed as a 501C-3 in 1967 to further the charitable aims of the Kiwanis Club of Plymouth and the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth.   The group hosts an annual pancake breakfast as well as other occasional fundraisers for the purpose of donating to programs that benefit children.    It is also a vehicle to accept charitable donations in honor of anyone connected to Kiwanis.  We are also embarking on two fundraisers that will provide an income stream throughout the year, the Amazon Smiles program as well as the Kroger Community program.  If you would be interested in helping in that way you can go to those programs and sign up.  Both provide a percentage of each purchase to the Foundation at no cost to the donor.

     The Foundation donates funds according to the following guidelines from our articles of incorporation:  1 – to assist worthy youth in attaining vocational excellence, 2 – to aid handicapped persons in regaining happy, useful lives, 3 – to prevent cruelty to children, 4 – to assist needy persons, particularly young people.  In 2020 the following donations were made:

     $4,000 to Salvation Army for their Back to School Blitz Program

     $1,000 to the Motor City Wheelz wheelchair basketball program for youth

     $4,000 to the Methodist Children’s Home Society to help fund a playground structure at their campus (we also provided the volunteers to build it)

     $3,200 to the Plymouth Community Arts Council to support their summer camp program

     $2,500 to the Greater Plymouth Canton Service Project that produces 200,000 meals to children in the US and around the world.