Our leaders, Board members & Committees

Frank Ruggirello

Our 2021 – 2022 Leadership team is headed by Frank Ruggirello as President, Elizabeth Kersten as President – Elect and Dr. Rick Schubatis as Vice President.

All our leaders are committed to 4 years of service in leadership through the chairs and are each in turn responsible for raising funds for their presidential year of service.

The leadership team also is assisted by dedicated members who chair 8 separate committees that our club maintains.

Our board members:

Our board members serve for a 2-year term. We thank them for their service as advisors to the club.

Liz Orbits (1-year member) 2021 – 2023

Michelle Bracey (15-year member) 2021 – 2023

Elisa Grace (2-year member) 2021 – 2023

Paul Penney (4-year member) 2020 – 2022

James Moylan (12-year member) 2020 – 2022

Brian Good (25-year member) 2020 – 2022

Our Committee Chairpersons:

  • Community Services – Lee Harrison (29-year member). Community Services seeks out projects and charities throughout the community that could use some help. Lee works with other members that will volunteer their time and skills to do anything from building playground sets for the community or children’s homes to donating time for food and can drives for those less fortunate.
  • Human and Spiritual – Tim Tingstad (15-year member). Not only do our members care for the community and all it’s members, We also care for our members. Tim is always quick with a get well card or with reports of our members who may just need a little “pick me up” themselves with a phone call or visit.
  • Youth Services – Dr. Buzz Bozell (25-year member). Like all our committee chairpersons, Dr. Buzz seeks out those in need in our community. He focuses on the Youth Sector ages 10-16 to support and assist with time and money.
  • Young Children Priority One – Bill Lawton – (25 year member). This committee focus their attention on kids under the age of 10 and their families who may need a helping hand.
  • Kids Against Hunger – Tim Tingstad (15-year member). Tim and his committee focus on the many packaging events throughout the area that are hosted by School PTO’s, Churches and many private and public companies. Tim and his group rally other members and volunteers to assist in the making of emergency food packs that are packaged and distributed within the community, the USA and around the world in times of catastrophes or unrest.
  • Aktion Club – Greg Ash (31-year member) and Rob Noel (23-year member). This dynamic duo work with 2 Aktion clubs in our local community. The Opportunity House of Plymouth and Westland are homes where adults with disabilities share residence. Greg and Rob’s visits each month with an activity or event are eagerly anticipated by the residents. They have built floats for 4th of July parades and assembled Easter baskets for children that find themselves at a safe house for battered women.
  • Key Club – Liz Orbits and Mike Brace (both 1 – year members). Our club supports 2 key clubs in the area. Plymouth Community Educational Park (3 high school campus) and Canton Charter Prep in Canton, Mi,
  • Good Morning America – 4th of July Parade. – Scott Kappler (17-year member). Plymouth Kiwanis sponsors one of the earliest 4th of July parades in the country in the main streets of Plymouth. Scott manages the parade and the participants of this great local and national event.

Our Secretary is Jim Moylan and our Treasurer is Sue Clark.